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We will be publishing articles, poems and drawings from members and their families to give the community insight into their lives.


by Linda Martinson

I get so frustrated when I want to work
and I can't because my body fails me.
I grieve for the energy I used to have,
for the days when I would erupt out of bed,
ready to go.

Lost times.
Lost life.

I miss the spontaneity of good health.
when I could do simple things,
like go for a drive,
or dance,
without having to consider the toll
on my body.
I miss the fun.

I can't let the past rule my today.

So I will recognize my grief,
roll around in it,
and mourn my loss as I would
the death of a beloved child.
For only then can I get beyond it.

The music is different now.
But it's still there.


by Linda Martinson

    Am I a butterfly, finally released
    from the cocoon of prosaic existence?

         It's hard to believe.
	      and yet, the woman I am today.
	      why... I welcome her!
 	 She's deep;
 	 she has grown;
	 she has learned to listen.

     This pain, while no blessing,
	may yet be God's road to enlightenment.

		       I am wiser, and stronger
  	than that bustling former me.
  	Inner Spirit, Higher Power;
   	call it what you will...
  	When the pain ebbs,
  	hold yourself close,
   	and listen.

Linda Martinson lives in Washington state, is a pain educator, who has appeared on national television and radio. She is the author of "Poetry of Pain" which gives inspiration & hope for chronic pain sufferers, Publisher, Simply Books. To order her book she can be reached at:
This poem was published with the author's permission.

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